LawnPro Protect

lawnpro protect

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LawnPro Protect - 600g 

Granules to control insects and grubs in lawns and soils

  • $32.00 a 600g Container

Use LawnPro Protect as a preventative on all lawn areas to be protected from grass grub and other insect damage. 

  • surface and deep in soil to insects such as ants that would move indoors via the surface or tunnelling
  • Improves grass condition
  • Contact insecticide – long lasting
  • The active ingredient washes off the granules and stays on surface and in the upper layer of soil
  • Controls insect grubs when they move to the surface to feed
  • Prevents soil insect pests by forming a protective barrier at the soil surface. Controls adult stages during egg laying and pupal emergence
  • Treats 180m2

Product Safety Sheet

LawnPro Protect is made by KiwiCare


$32.00 incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $5.33 incl GST


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