Canterbury Landscape Supplies is one of the largest suppliers of landscaping and gardening products in the South Island.

At Canterbury Landscape Supplies we supply to:

DIY home gardener
Professional Landscape Contractors
Nursery Growers
Agricultural applications
Industrial & Commercial
Other retail landscape suppliers

The types of products we can supply are:

  • soils and composts
  • bark mulches
  • colored stone aggregates
  • general aggregates such as premix, crusher dust, gravel, AP20 etc
  • Sawdust
  • wood shavings
  • potting mix (we design pmx recipes to suit a wide variety of applications)
  • biofilter blends
  • construction soil blends
  • Ag fertilisers and chemicals
  • landscape accessories (sleepers, stakes, wine barrels, pavers, weed mat, etc)

Opening hours

Mon- Fri:  8am - 5pm

Sat - Sun:  8am - 4pm

Public holidays:  8am - 4pm except closed Easter Monday and Sunday, ANZAC Day, Christmas and Boxing Day, New Years Day and Jan 2nd. 

Check our Facebook Page to confirm if not sure.