Helping our Commercial Customers with Custom Solutions

CLS's commercial customer base covers a diverse range of businesses from small to large;

  • city and regional councils,
  • corporate infrastructure and construction companies,
  • industrial-scale to one-man nurseries,
  • architects, landscape contractors,
  • garden and lawn maintenance contractors,
  • wholesale supplier to retail landscape yards,
  • farmers

Local Authorities

Local authorities often have unusual needs that require non-standard products to solve landscape engineering problems. An example of this is embankment reinforcement that meets green requirements. CLS provided a large number of specialised felt bags primed with an engineered composite of aggregates and soil compost blends.

This prevented water erosion while enabling riverside plantings to establish and take hold while fortifying banks against future floods and erosion.


Odour Control


CLS provides Biofilter medium blended to a customers requirements. We supply a variety of customers including fish processors, rural animal processing plants and sewerage plants. CLS can source and blend a wide variety of components to meet our customer's needs. 



CLS provides custom blended potting mixes for commercial nurseries. Our staff have over 20 years of experience in designing potting mix recipes to suit commercial grower requirements. 

We also provide a wide range of accessory products such as planter bags, chemicals, fertilisers, coir fibre, moisture retention mediums etc.

CLS also provides base products such as horticultural bark for growers who wish to blend their own products or have automated machinery systems that require specific grades.



Ground Level Products

CLS can provide commercial scale quantities for large infrastructure projects such as medium strips, embankments, waterway and wetland restoration. CLS works with lead contractors and liaises with subcontractors to place and position products as required.


In Ground Products

CLS has developed expertise in blending specialised subsurface composite aggregate soil blends for commercial subdivision developers. CLS is able to blend aggregates and other organic composites to specific tolerances to meet civil engineering requirements.

Agriculture & Farming

Animal Bedding 

CLS provides large volumes of animal bedding namely sawdust, shavings and wood chip to the farming industry. Customers should note that the demand for these products is increasing while supply is limited.  Volume customers will need to pre-arrange consignment before ordering.


Composts and Manured Products

CLS can provide tailored composts along with manured products for improving crop and pasture performance.