Volume Calculator

Volume Calculator

How to estimate volume based landscape products                                                                                 

In this example, we want to calculate the required quantity, weight and cost of garden soil. As you can see, we cannot just type the width and length into our dirt calculator as there is a pool in the middle of it. How to deal with this problem?


There are two methods for the above example. 

1/ As a simple rectangle we can simply measure the width and length of the entire yard - multiply these two numbers to obtain the square area of the yard then do the same for the pool. We then subtract the pool from the yard total.

EG - Yard 25 x 7.7 = 192.52

         Pool 12 x 3 = 362

         Total 192.5 - 36 = 156.52

2/ If you have more complex shapes, the easiest method is to break the shape up into squares and/or triangles or use a grid method. See examples here

The above example breaks the shape into squares which can then be calculated and added together to find the square area. 

When deciding on depth this can be difficult if the depth will vary across the area being considered. If it is not a uniform depth then you will have to estimate the average depth as best you can.

Note: You should allow for compaction and shrinkage with depth estimates. Allow at least 20%. If your depth is 100mm add 20mm (120mm).



Product Calculator

For product weight per meter please refer to the listing.

All products are sold by volume (bulk or bag) unless otherwise stated.

1 x scoop = 1/3 of cubic meter