Delivery FAQ

Generally speaking, we endeavor to deliver orders with the least amount of trips, however, access is always the defining condition. Difficult or limited access may require multiple loads in a small truck for example simply because it is not practical or safe to send larger trucks. 

When selecting delivery options make sure to choose the correct truck size not the cheapest option. This may cost you more in the long run if trucks have to return loaded because they cannot access the site or unload safely.

Please read Terms & Conditions.

Also, check out the Calculators page for product weights and volumes as well as how to calculate how much product you may need.

Delivery Times

If you order after 4.30pm for a delivery the next day your delivery will possibly not happen. We try to ensure our trucks are fully booked for the next day. Booking after 4.30pm on a Friday can also mean any expectation of a delivery on Saturday or a Monday morning may be problematic also. While we endeavor to try our best, sometimes we don't have capacity. We will contact you if there are any issues as soon we can the next working day. 

  • Monday - Friday  8.00am - 5.00pm
  • Saturday  8.00am 1.00pm
  • Sunday  No deliveries unless by prior arrangement


You can order and pay online at any time with the intention of picking up your order at a later date. This is useful if time may be an issue. For example, after work or another party will pick up your order on your behalf. Be sure to leave clear concise instructions with your order including when you would like your order to be ready. This is important if you are ordering a purpose mixed blend or if we are low on stock and need to restock for you.

Delivery Quote Request

See truck sizes and delivery distances also.

Our shipping calculator is currently set up to calculate bulk loads from our main yard at Bridgend. During Checkout you will be given a selection of truck delivery options. If these options are not suitable for whatever reason then you can request a manually calculated delivery quote. Reasons for this might be an unusual location, load spreading if available, multi-part load (bulk + pallets/slingbag etc), hand unloading, and so on.  

Truck Sizes

Small trucks - Small trucks are ideal for residential deliveries due to their small form factor but they have their limitations

  • small trucks have a maximum volume of 10mand maximum weight carrying capacity of 5000kg
  • truck needs at least a 2.4m wide driveway and wider if turning is required
  • driveways should be trimmed back to avoid mirror or panel damage from trees and bushes
  • most driveways and footpaths can handle the weight of a small truck without risk of damage
  • when tipping a deck can reach a height of around 4m so overhead obstacles like wires, trees and house eves need to be considered when selecting unload locations. A tipper also needs to move forward with its deck up (around 45deg) to clear its load. This can be several meters with full loads.
  • tippers require level ground side to side but can cope with sloping areas when ground slopes end to end.

Medium trucks - Medium trucks can do residential deliveries if they have clear access and firm ground.

  • medium trucks are usually 3 axle heavy trucks with max volumes of 18m3 and maximum weight of 1150kg
  • trucks need at least 3m wide access and wider if required to turn
  • driveways should be clear of overhead obstacles up to 4m when accessing and 8m if tipping
  • trucks can weight 24 tonne with loads. Your tracks, driveways and culvert crossings must be able to handle these weights
  • when tipping a deck can reach 8m so all overhead obstacles need to be considered when selecting an unloading point. The truck will also need to pull forward several meters with its deck up to clear its load
  • tippers require level ground side to side but can cope with sloping areas when ground slopes end to end.

Large Trucks - Large trucks have the same form factor as medium trucks and the same requirements. Maximum volume 25m3, maximum weight 12000kg.

Truck & Trailer - A truck and trailer unit is around 20m long and requires drive-in access to a delivery location. The unload area needs to be large enough and the ground firm enough for a T&T unit to maneuver without becoming bogged. If unsure call us. Maximum volumes 55m3, maximum weight 44000kg.


The shipping calculator will calculate your order up to the following distances

Small trucks - 1st load up to 200km, 2nd - 5th loads up to 50km

Medium, Large, and T&T units - 1st to 3rd load up to 200km

Ordering 2 or more bulk products

The shipping calculator cannot distinguish between products and our trucks do not have dividers to separate different products. We can only deliver one bulk product at a time. Multi-product orders will require separate deliveries and consequently additional charges.

We will call you to arrange payment for extra deliveries and/or correct any anomalies the shipping calculator may have produced. This can be done by email and online through our digital invoicing system.