Animal Bedding

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Canterbury Landscape Supplies (CLS) has been supplying a diverse range of clean organic chemical-free animal bedding to the agricultural industry for over 20 years. 

Calves, Cattle & Dairy

Calf and cattle applications include

  • standoff pads
  • calf sheds
  • feed lots
  • covered dairy housing sheds

CLS has the ability to supply large quantities of sawdust, shavings, wood chip and post peeling or a blend that suits a client's particular needs.



Horses, Poultry & Piggeries

  1. CLS is the preferred supplier of horse bedding to the Canterbury Jockey Club including most resident training stables located there. 
  2. CLS also supplies large quantities of clean white shavings to the poultry industry primarily for growing sheds.  We also provide sawdust/shavings blends if required.
  3. CLS also supplies bedding for a number of large piggeries in Canterbury



Animal Bedding Enquiries - Contact Mike Bunn


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