Product listings will have their estimated weight per cubic meter shown at the bottom of the listing. If unsure please call the office or talk to our loader operators when collecting.

Trailer Hire

We have two trailer types: - 

  • low side 1m3 capacity (2 scoops of Aggregates/Soil or 1m3 of bark)

  • high side 2m3 capacity (2 scoops of Aggregates/Soil or 2m3 of bark)

The rates are: - 

  • Weekday Rate $15.00

  • Weekend Rate $20.00

Maximum rated weight capacity 1000kg (1tonne)

Your car's limitations may be less than this and are set out in the manufacturers manual. You should also know the limitations of your towbar. Every towbar has a rating plate defining its limitations. 

Some basic guidelines: - 

  • a car trailer combo is required by law to be able to stop within 7 meters from 30kph
  • as a rule unbraked trailers are limited to 750kg (trailer + load)
  • your towbar will specify your braked and unbraked limits for your vehicle
  • belling tires, leaf springs depressed to horizontal or beyond and wheels tilting inwards are all signs of trailer overloading