B i o f i l t e r s


Control of air pollution

CLS is a leading supplier of organic biofilter media for the control of environmental odors. CLS has supplied engineered composite biofilter blends to some of the most challenging odor control projects within the South Island. CLS provided Christchurch City Council Bromely Waste Treatment Plant with its engineered media for its odor control beds. 

When Independent Fisheries was looking for a biofilter media supplier they chose CLS's solutions above others. 

CLS is able to;

  • provide quantities for any size project,
  • source both organic and non organic materials for specialised blends
  • deliver to site as required either bulk (truck), bulk bag (1m3) or 20-40L sealed bags
  • batch engineered blends to meet tight regulatory requirements
  • refine raw materials to meet customer requirements