Sponsorship and Fundraising

Canterbury Landscapes Supplies has over the years supported a wide range of community groups including;

  • sports clubs
  • horticultural clubs
  • school
  • various charities
  • community organisations

We have a diverse range of products that we can provide at discounted prices to recognised community-based groups for fundraising purposes. Our products are popular across a wide range of consumers and can be sold at margins that enable groups to raise reasonable amounts of funds with a modest amount of effort and organisation.

For special interest community groups, we can assemble composite products like potting mixes to suit specific target markets like rose growers for example. Other types of activities such as

  • contra arrangements for CLS signage and promotion
  • discounted and/or donated products for working bees etc
  • supply of accessories such as bags, pots, trays etc

If you are a recognised community organisation please feel free to email retail@pottingmix.co.nz with your fundraising/sponsorship proposals.