Biobriq Firewood


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Biobriq Firewood

BIOBRIQs are long-lasting, high heat, natural wood briquettes.

  • $10.90 per 10kg pack

If you would like to buy 20+  packs, please call our Retail Shop to arrange a discount - Phone 03 323 7797 Ext 1

A consistent moisture level of 8% (compared to inconsistent moisture levels of around 20-40% with traditional firewood) means every BIOBRIQ produces less smoke and less ash. 

BIOBRIQs are produced from waste sawdust bi-product of a wooden local food products factory, whose wood is sourced from an environmentally sustainable and certified sawmill. 



$10.90 incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $1.82 incl GST