Hort Gro

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A composted & screened bark



From $8.00incl GST

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Hort Gro

A composted and screened bark enhanced with a fertiliser base and used as a base product for most potting mix recipes.

  • $8.00 a bag

  • $32.00 a scoop

  • $96.00 a m3

Compost with a low PH level. Perfect for acid-loving plants like Rhododendrons, Azaleas & Camellias.

As with all our composts, it is subjected to high-temperature sterilisation, so is completely free of any weed seeds, pests or diseases.

It is also available in different grades for commercial customers. Note pricing may be different.

Also available in 1m3 sling bags  - bag charges $35

weight 650kg/m3

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