LawnPro Fungus Control

Protects lawns from fungal disease


$25.00incl GST

or 6 weekly payments of $4.17incl GST with


Lawnpro Fungus Control

Lawn fungal diseases cause stress, browning out and death of lawn grasses. Lawns are susceptible in warm damp conditions.

  • $25.00 a 200ml bottle

LawnPro Fungus Control for Lawns protects lawn grasses from fungal disease.

  • Liquid formulation.
  • Protects from a wide range of fungal lawn diseases including Red thread, Fusarium, Brown Patch, Melting Out, Greasy Spot, Fairy Rings and Mushrooms.
  • Can also be used to repel browsing animals such as rabbits and possums.
  • Covers up to 100 m2

LawnPro Fungus Control is made by Kiwicare.

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