Organic Spraying Oil

Organic Super spraying oil

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Horticultural oil protects your plants from a range of insect pests, mites and diseases.

  • A natural alternative to control a wide range of insect pests and diseases.
  • For use on roses, fruit trees, citrus and ornamentals.
  • No withholding period.
  • BioGro® Certified Organic horticultural oil for use in organic gardening (concentrate).
  • Controls sap sucking insects that spread diseases.



  1. Dilute the following:
    • Apples, pears and stonefruit, (winter) 40 ml or (summer) 20 ml per 1 L of clean water.
    • Citrus, ornamentals and roses, (winter) 20 ml or (summer) 10 ml per 1 L of clean water.
  2. Spray foliage until run off occurs.
  3. Cover leaves on both the upper and lower surfaces as complete coverage is required for effective control.
  4. Best applied in the evening.

Organic Super Spraying Oil Technical Sheet


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