Premium Vege Grow

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Premium Vege Grow - compost, coir and ferts



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Premium Vege Grow

Premium Vege Grow is a rich blend of our proprietary compost blend, coir, and fertilisers including lime, gypsum, blood and bone and slow release ferts. 

  • $14.00 a bag

  • $45.00 a scoop

  • $135.00 a m3

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They come together to provide a rich organic environment for mycelium and soil bacterias that provide a balanced and highly enriched medium that will boost your vege garden throughout the growing season. We are seeing outstanding results from tests completed when comparing our Premium Vege Grow to other Vege Grow products on the market. 

It can be applied as-is directly into new raised garden beds or traditional gardens or, alternatively, Vege Grow makes a great preseason kick-starter for existing gardens that may need refreshing from the previous growing season.

Available in bags for small garden plots and/or spot applications for trees and shrubs or those out of the way areas that need some TLC from time to time.

While Vege Grow is primarily aimed at the vege garden it is equally effective in display gardens and around tree bases. 

weight 650kg/m3

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