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Weed Mat

weed mat

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Weed Mat

0.9m x 10m - $14.00

0.9m x 50m - $57.00      

1.8m x 50m - $118.00      

3.6m x 50m - $228.00

An essential product to eliminate weeds and reduce maintenance time in the garden. Also helps to retain moisture, encourage bacterial and mycelium growth (shuts out light) as well as encouraging worms and other small animals to colonise surface soils. 


  • Absorbs sunlight therefore reduces photosynthesis and prevents weed growth
  • Environmentally friendly reduces the need for herbicides and other weed controls
  • Special waterflow treatment allows liquids to penetrate into soil quicker and maintains soil humidity during dry periods by reducing evaporation
  • Optimizes growing conditions
  • Resistant to attack by
  • mildew and bacteria
  • UV stabilised for NZ conditions
  • Does not fray, easy to cut and simple to use


  • Unique new technology providing improved strength and quality
  • Black with blue directional potting marker lines – 300mm apart across the width
  • White with black directional potting marker lines – 300mm apart across the width
  • UV Stabilised 44 month manufacturer’s warranty




From $14.00 incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $2.33 incl GST

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