Weed Mat

weed mat

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Weed Mat

An essential product to eliminate weeds and reduce maintenance time in the garden. 

Non Woven Black Weed Mat (60gsm) : - 

  • 1m x 10m - $14.00

  • 1m x 25m - $28.60

  • 1m x 50m - $54.30

  • 2m x 25m - $54.30

  • 2m x 50m - $106.20

Woven Black Weed Mat (100gsm): -

  • 0.9m x 10m - $14.00

  • 1.8m x 50m - $118.00      

  • 3.6m x 50m - $228.00

Also helps to retain moisture, encourage bacterial and mycelium growth (shuts out light) as well as encouraging worms and other small animals to colonise surface soils. 


  • Absorbs sunlight therefore reduces photosynthesis and prevents weed growth
  • Environmentally friendly reduces the need for herbicides and other weed controls
  • Special waterflow treatment allows liquids to penetrate into soil quicker and maintains soil humidity during dry periods by reducing evaporation
  • Optimizes growing conditions
  • Resistant to attack by
  • mildew and bacteria
  • UV stabilised for NZ conditions
  • Does not fray, easy to cut and simple to use



From $14.00 incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $2.33 incl GST