Worm Tea and Worm Casting

The benefits of having garden worms is well known but also becoming popular is worm farming with tiger worms used to make worm tea and worm casting. Worm tea and casting have numerous benefits - promoting growth, acting as a natural pesticide and increasing rates of germination. 

Improve Soil Structure


Increase Soil Moisture

  Worm castings help improve the structure and porosity of the soil.     They increase the moisture holding capacity of the soil, which reduces water and nutrient loss.

PH Perfectly Balanced


Beneficial nutrients

  Worm castings are perfectly balanced. They cannot burn or damage any plant.     They allow more efficient use of beneficial nutrients, which supports strong root growth.


  • Vegetables - will have higher yields and produce earlier harvest.
  • Viniculture - Grapes will have a stronger aroma and taste.
  • Fruit - higher nutritive and vitamin content and stronger seedlings.
  • Lawns - strong and durable, reduce grasses from turning yellow.
  • Flowers, trees and indoor plants - rapid healthy root development with natural protection against harmful insects. 

Our worm tea and casting comes from a local supplier in Canterbury Wormfert. Blair and his team have an absolute passion for their 100% natural product and do all the hard work so you can enjoy all the benefits.