Elfin Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Elfin Tall Fescue - NZLA Range



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Elfin Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Part of the New Zealand Lawn Addicts range, Elfin Tall Fescue Grass Seed quickly forms a strong dense turf with an excellent wear tolerance. 

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  • 5kg - $92.50

With a reasonably fine texture, it has a very dark green appearance and performs well in shaded areas. This turf performs well across New Zealand in full sun and moderate shade. It’s a great choice for a moderate to heavy foot traffic lawn.

Tall fescue is one of the most drought, heat, and wear tolerant species. Due to its large and deep root system, it is able to take up water in dry periods when other grasses have stopped their growth. It stays green in dry summer periods and tolerates high temperatures.


Sowing rate: 3-5kg/100m2

Over sowing: 2.5kg/100m2

Mowing height: Between 13mm and 76mm


Elfin Tall Fescue is a particularly slow species to establish from seed, because of this it’s essential to have irrigation on a timer or set up a temporary irrigation while this seed gets established. Keep the seed moist during the day by having the irrigation come on three to five times a day (depending on the temperature).