Potting Mix

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Begonia Mix - 35Ltr Bag

Begonia Lovers love this mix

$15.00incl GST

Coco Coir and Perlite

Coco Coir & Perlite Blend

70% Coir, 30% Perlite

$25.00incl GST

Coco Fibre - Fine Buffered Coir

Buffered fine coir - coconut husk

$10.50incl GST

perlite p300

Perlite - Medium, Fine, Coarse

Light weight sterile potting media

$68.00incl GST

Potting Mix

A brilliant potting mix

From$15.00incl GST


High quality bark and pumice

$15.00incl GST

Pumice 1-7mm

Natural, unprocessed and organic

From$20.00incl GST

Tomato Mix

Extra potassium and nitrogen

$15.00incl GST

Tub & Basket Potting Mix

A great general-purpose potting mix

From$9.00incl GST