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Garden Food

Controlled Release Garden Food

Feeds plants for 6 months

$24.75incl GST

gypsum clay breaker

Gypsum Clay Breaker

Loosen clay & improve soil structure

$35.00incl GST

Hydrated Lime 20kg

Hydrated Lime 20kg

pH control and more

$20.00incl GST

iron sulphate 1kg

Iron Sulphate 1kg

Controls clover and moss

$4.80incl GST



Tree Granules

$24.00incl GST

perlite p300

Perlite - Medium, Fine, Coarse

Light weight sterile potting media

$68.00incl GST

slow release tablets 1kg

Plant Food Tablets

A slow-release fertiliser

$15.00incl GST

Pumice 1-7mm

Natural, unprocessed and organic

From$20.00incl GST

rose food 1.5kg

Rose Food

Encourage healthy blooms

$10.00incl GST

Lawn Food

Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser

Good for all Lawn & Grass

$22.50incl GST

sulphate of potash 1kg

Sulphate of Potash

Improves flower and fruit quality

$6.00incl GST

tomato food 1.5kg

Tomato Food

Rich in phosphorus and potassium

$14.50incl GST


Vermiculite 100L

Group of hydrated laminar minerals

$68.00incl GST

water storage crystals 300g

Water Storage Crystals

Non-toxic water storage

$10.00incl GST