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Acelepryn GR

Control Grass Grub

$115.00incl GST

Elfin Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Elfin Tall Fescue - NZLA Range

From$32.50incl GST

gypsum clay breaker

Gypsum Clay Breaker

Loosen clay & improve soil structure

$35.00incl GST

Hydrated Lime 20kg

Hydrated Lime 20kg

pH control and more

$20.00incl GST

iron sulphate 1kg

Iron Sulphate 1kg

Controls clover and moss

$4.80incl GST

Lawn Topdressing Mix

A sand and compost mix

From$11.00incl GST

Lawnpro Fungus Control for Lawns

LawnPro Fungus Control

Protects lawns from fungal disease

$25.00incl GST