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Acelepryn GR

Control Grass Grub

$115.00incl GST

Arbor Chip

A arborist fine grade wood chip

From$8.00incl GST

Coco Fibre - Fine Buffered Coir

Buffered fine coir - coconut husk

$10.50incl GST

Garden Food

Controlled Release Garden Food

Feeds plants for 6 months

$24.75incl GST

Duvauchelle Chip 20 - 40mm

A chip with golden rusty tones

From$12.00incl GST

Elfin Tall Fescue Grass Seed

Elfin Tall Fescue - NZLA Range

From$32.50incl GST

Mt Hutt Chip

Our largest chip locally sourced

From$11.00incl GST



Tree Granules

$24.00incl GST

Lawn Food

Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser

Good for all Lawn & Grass

$22.50incl GST

Tomato Mix

Extra potassium and nitrogen

$15.00incl GST

Worm Casting

Worm Casting

Worm Casting

From$15.00incl GST

Worm Tea

Worm Tea 2Ltr Bottle

Worm Tea 2ltr Bottle

$8.00incl GST